Exploring New Realms: Adding Servers on Minecraft Xbox Live

07. 23. 2022

Minecraft Xbox Live

Minecraft has captivated players across various platforms, including Xbox Live, where gamers can enjoy the immersive block-building experience with friends and players from around the world. While Minecraft on Xbox Live offers a vast selection of pre-existing realms and worlds, players may be eager to explore new horizons and connect with different communities. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding servers on Minecraft Xbox Live, allowing you to discover new realms and embark on exciting adventures.

Understanding Minecraft Servers

In Minecraft, servers are multiplayer worlds or realms hosted by individuals or communities. These servers provide unique gameplay experiences, ranging from survival and creative modes to custom mini-games and adventures. By adding servers to your Minecraft Xbox Live account, you gain access to a broader range of worlds, communities, and gameplay styles.

Accessing Servers on Xbox Live

Adding servers on Minecraft Xbox Live requires accessing the "Servers" tab within the game. Follow these steps to do so:

a. Launch Minecraft on your Xbox console and sign in to your Xbox Live account.

b. From the main menu, navigate to the "Play" tab.

c. Scroll down and select the "Servers" option.

d. Here, you'll find a list of featured servers and popular community realms.

Adding Servers on Minecraft Xbox Live

To add servers on Minecraft Xbox Live, follow these steps:

a. From the "Servers" menu, select the "Add Server" button.

b. Enter the server's address or IP in the provided field. The server's address is typically in the format of "play.servername.com" or a series of numbers separated by periods (e.g., "123.456.78.90").

c. If the server requires a port number, enter it after the IP address with a colon (e.g., "play.servername.com:25565").

d. Once you've entered the server details, select the "Add" button to save the server to your list.

e. The server will now appear in your server list. Select it to connect and join the server.

Finding Minecraft Servers

Discovering new servers to add to your Minecraft Xbox Live account can be an exciting journey. There are several ways to find servers:

a. Official Minecraft Server Lists: Visit the official Minecraft website or the Minecraft forums to find curated lists of recommended servers. These lists often showcase popular and well-established servers with active communities.

b. Online Server Directories: Explore online directories dedicated to Minecraft servers, such as Minecraft Server List, Minecraft Multiplayer, or Planet Minecraft. These directories provide extensive listings of servers categorized by gameplay type, theme, or popularity.

c. Server Forums and Communities: Join Minecraft-related forums or communities where players share information about servers they enjoy. Engage with the community and seek recommendations or ask for server suggestions tailored to your preferences.

Connecting and Exploring

Once you've added a server to your Minecraft Xbox Live account, connecting and exploring it is straightforward:

a. From the "Servers" tab, select the server you wish to join.

b. If the server requires any additional information, such as a username or password, provide it when prompted.

c. After connecting, you'll be transported to the server's world. Follow any server-specific rules, engage with the community, and enjoy the unique gameplay experience it offers.

Remember to respect the server's rules, be courteous to fellow players, and embrace the opportunity to collaborate, create, and explore new realms with others.

Adding servers on Minecraft Xbox Live opens up a world of possibilities for players seeking new adventures and communities. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily add servers to your Minecraft Xbox Live account and embark on exciting gameplay experiences beyond the default realms. Whether you're looking for survival challenges, creative building projects, or custom mini-games, the vast realm of Minecraft servers awaits your exploration. So, connect, join, and immerse yourself in the diverse and engaging worlds created by the Minecraft community.

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