Minecraft guide


Minecraft guide

This guide is aimed at completely minecraft-play, or to the person who is just starting their adventure with Minecraft. Before reading this guide, I recommend to look for “Tools”, and if you do not have the game yet – to the Minecraft download section, where there is unlimited demo!

A place in which you appear at the beginning is your spawn point – remember it until it will build a bed, as long as each time after zginiÄ™ciu show up right here.

DEPRECATED runs at the very beginning into the world, because doing so would inevitably condemn the pretty certain loss of your belongings. At the beginning you should think about building a shelter near the place of birth (spawn point'a), since in case of death it will be easy to go back to him.

Find a tree and Cut them holding the left mouse button. Remember to HOLD him instead of clicking on the tree. After a while the block is destroyed, and you'll get the material (wood).

Press the I / E or any other button that you set as responsible for the opening of its pop-up luggage. This is your equipment. Here you can also manage what's on your shortcut bar. Here you can also tworzć simple objects, requiring only 2 × 2 space. Lift the left mouse button and move the timber into one of four boxes to create objects and then move the timber, which appeared on the right. Remember that the object is processed in time raise the already converted object!

Note – Right click when you leave the subject raised in the grid, right-click an item on the pile that you have in your inventory will raise half of the items that are there.

Cut the wood – time to convert them to the boards! With each piece of wood get a board – you can use them to build tools, workshop, and for some time and shelter.

Move blocks of boards, one piece in each of the four squares, and pull out the workshop. It is required to create tools. Then the attitudes of workshop on the ground – you can not use it in your inventory. Do not worry – you can create another, or to raise this by destroying it.

Create a pickaxe – a very important tool, which you will probably use most often. You will need to dig stone. After using a wooden pick to the end, create a new, stone, wood substituting stone.

Find coal. This is one of the most important minerals needed for survival. It allows you to create a torch that prevents the appearance of monsters in their vicinity. It is also very good fuel in the furnace, so you'll need it pretty much.
Where to find it? Wherever it is stone. This is the only resource that can occur above the water level, so carefully looking at the stone mountains can result in quite substantial deposit.

Night falls and you still do not have wood? Ignite tree or wood poles – create as charcoal, which does not differ in properties from the normal or a little coal.

Night getting closer, time to start building a makeshift shelter. On the creation of the first hideout is a lot of ways. The fastest is to dig up, fence off the door and fill this cave torches and in those the same way, kicking down the dugout, or create a normal “building”.

It would have to buy a stove and a case of if you have not done this before. The first allows the casting of ore, sand, coal formation, while the other holds your items. Two boxes connected together give one a double, with double space for objects.

To survive the first night you will not need a palace – just four walls and ceiling, can be done with everything, so long as the ceiling was not out of the sand which is subject to the laws of physics and simply falls without being podpartym another block.

Hooray! Fundamentals of you already had!

A few additional Minecraft tips:

It is easier to find a more natural deposits in the cave, rather than digging a mine. On the other hand, the first is very easy to get lost. Bearing in mind very easily, I mean the happiness of finding a cave and a desire to explore her closer, but after 10minutach turns out that we are in a place that no longer pass the third time, and yet here was definitely out … A good way out of this situation is trivial digging up – much easier to find on the surface than in the cave.

Suitable types of pickaxes could destroy the corresponding deposit. Digging gold over a wooden pick to frustration with lack of receipt of the mineral. The list of what is needed to pick what type of deposits are presented below:

-  Wooden – stone and coal
- Stone – is as above + iron
- Iron – + gold and diamond Redstone
- Gold – what an iron, but faster, and with the strength of wood
- Diamond-everything, except bedrockiem

The most valuable object in the game is a diamond. Prepared from the most durable and one of the fastest (behind gold) tools, allowing for prolonged digging / chopping / hay fields / sword fight.

Redstone is used to build connections, something like a cable, and logic gates.

It is not worth the gold used for the manufacture of tools, you better keep them for something better, even decoration would be a better idea …

Clouds always fly to the north, which is opposite to the direction of their movement will be south.

The sun and the moon always sprout in the east and place to the west.

When night falls, not worth it to sit and wait for the day. Better to start construction of its mine, kicking down the stairs, or rethink the construction of the bed.

NEVER, NEVER dig directly under him. You may find that your house was just a lake of lava.

 We hope that our walkthrough will be helpfull for you!