Minecraft server list


Minecraft server list

This is my Minecraft server list. Here I'd like to showcase some Minecraft servers that particularly impressed me or made me want to play the game. While I'm sure there are a lot of servers out there so you might not agree with my every choice, I'm sure you can find atleast some of the entries on here new and exciting.


Lemoncloud is a server that lets you play most of the popular Minecraft game modes out there such as Skyblock, factions, obviously survival, the hunger games and other PvP and PvE game modes you've come to know and love. They also keep law and order pretty well since I haven't seen or heard about a cheater in my entire time playing on their server. A stand out among Minecraft servers.


This server, while not as big as the rest on the list, makes up for it by being quite welcoming and friendly, letting you find a group to play with and explore their world. They offer the same standard hits like skyblock, factions and survival but they are mostly interesting to me since their small community basically lets you know pretty much everyone on the server, making your interactions with other players feel more real.


While others are trying to spruce up the older game modes by changing them, InsanityCraft lets them speak for themselves. They run an older server with all the usual game modes however they're also pretty much one of the oldest servers still running, boasting more than ten years of experience in dealing with every problem that a Minecraft server could have. They also have a team specifically dedicated to running custom events on their servers, making sure you have a good time when you play there.


ExtremeCraft let's you play all of the all time favorite game modes with a few less known ones as well. They run everything from prison to parkour, from survival to skyblock and on to factions and beyond. There's literally no game mode they don't offer you and their staff are reasonable and more than happy to help you become a part of their ever growing community. An all around good server cluster managed very well and ever launching fun and exciting events.


Last but certainly not least, I'd like to mention ManaCube. While they're known primarily for their stellar parkour maps, they offer plenty of other game modes that are sure to keep your attention for hours on end. They're running for about seven years now, making them quite old by Minecraft server stats and surely they must be doing something right if they managed to run for so long. They also run daily and weekly events and tournaments with exciting prizes, making them one of the more populated servers.

This is my list of best Minecraft servers. While I'm sure there's plenty of people who won't agree with some or all of the choices on there, these are the servers I'd choose to play on if I chose today.